Follow me to...

Italy. My passion. My obsession. People tell me all the time it's on their bucket list. I'm like, why? just do it. I then realized I wasn't heeding my own advise. So, here we are, Im just going to do it.

Follow me to... ancient narrow streets, endless stone paths, dark cellars and comforting trattorias. Follow me to... grape filled lands, endless beaches. Follow me to... your dreams and your bucket list. 

And here is where the story begins

Have you ever travelled somewhere and felt an overwhelming sense of belonging, even though you've never been there before? That's how we felt when we came to Italy for the first time - each one of us. We all currently live in Springfield, MO - that's just about in the center of the United States. Each of us have or do own our own restaurants. We are lovers of all things food and wine. It's in our blood. When we travelled to Italy - seperately on our own private adventures - we had no idea the country would encapsulate us like it has. We are entranced by it - the cities, the people, the food, the attitude. We believe we have a duty to pass on our passion and knowledge to others. This is not only our mission, but our journey. We invite you to join us. Weak livers and adventure-souled people need not apply.