August/September 2019

Enjoy Naples, Capri, and the famous Almafi coast of Italy like you should. 

Exploring the beautiful Amalfi Coast and the Historic city of Napoli (Naples), this trip takes in the amazing Roman ruins of Pompeii, the bustling age old markets of Napoli, the bright colors of Sorrento, and the classic beauty of Capri and Positano. Personnaly guided by Mary, Doug, And Shawn, you will spend time exploring the atmospheric streets of Napoli's old quarter, glide into Capris famous blue grotto on individually manned row boats. Ascend to the crater rim of Mount Vesuvius for café as well as take in all the amazing food and drink the area has to offer. 

Day 1: Arrive in Napoli. check in, depending on your arrival time, explore Napoli with one of us as your guide, welcome dinner with your guides and the group.

Day 2: Visit infamous Pompeii, the Roman city Mt. Vesuvius destroyed in 79 AD. We will have lunch on the way to Vesuvius, then ascend to the top of the infamous volcano Vesuvius! Then back to Napoli to explore with your guides or on your own. then Dinner with the group. 

Day 3: Travel to Sorrento for all the swimming, beaching and  shopping you can handle, and dinner in Vico Equence with the group.

Day 4: Travel to Capri, ascend to the top for the spectacular views hiking or via a chairlift. Lunch with the group. Float into the blue grotto on a rowboat. explore the two towns, and then on your own for romantic dinner. Last return ferry to Napoli will leave about 8:00pm. Here is a good resource for things to do on Capri. 

Day 5: Travel to the port town of Pozzuoli. We will be learning to make fresh mozzarella and Pasta for lunch. We will then explore the Pozzuoli colosseum or visit the Vulcano Solfatara then meet up for apertivo in an ancient Roman Domus.

Day 6: Tour Napoli, lunch in the historic central part of Naples, walk the famous markets, visit a museum with the tickets we provide for you, and dinner with the group.

Day 7: We will journey to the beautiful town of Positano, the flagship town of the Amalfi coast, for beaching, shopping, swimming, eating or whatever takes you! For those outdoorsy types, hike the Path of the Gods!!! A 3 hour hike with the most spectacular views the Amalfi coast has to offer!

Day 8:  Explore Napoli, go to museums, shop, or, find your favorite places to eat and drink the day away. Dinner with the group.

Day 9: Goodbye Kisses and hugs and off you go with your heads and bags laden with memories and treasure!




Travel to and from the airports.

Villa/hotel accommodations and Travel to all excursions and islands.

Upon arrival, you will be given personalized sightseeing tickets to major museums and attractions in Naples based your interest.

5 lunch and 6 specialized dinners. most dinners will be custom paired with different wines and limoncello of the area by a my friend Alfonso, a Naples native, event planner and local foodie.

Custom food, limoncello, and wine tours.

All day and night personal tour guides and entertainment!


Price per ticket based on double occupancy.
Includes all transportation in Italy, housing, group tours, and excursions. 7 specialty dinners, 5 lunches, and all food and wine tours.

A $250 per person discount if paid in full by May 17th 2018.

Single occupancy fee.



Travel with people who know what they are doing, where they are going and carry a personal investment in your adventure.